Why are the BR fly rugs real must-haves?

Are you looking for a horse rug that protects your horse from flies and insects? This can be found in the latest BR summer collection! Read below why your horse absolutely needs these special fly rugs.         

As green as lemongrass 

You've probably already put lemon scented candles on your garden table to keep flies away from your food. Flies, mosquitoes and other insects are definitely not happy with this smell. That's why the BR fly rugs have a fresh scent of lemongrass. This discourages the flies from getting close to your horse.

3D Mesh for a fresh feel 

The BR fly rugs are made of 3D mesh. This special fabric is breathable, so your horse does not get too warm and any moisture on the horse's back will be transported out as quickly as possible. In addition, this fabric is elastic for a comfortable fit. By the way, you don't have to worry about the flies and insects ending up under the horse rug through the holes of the mesh. The 3D mesh is so dense and fine-meshed that they don't get a chance. 

Longer clean thanks to antibacterial layer 

An antibacterial layer provides protection against bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odours. This keeps the rug clean and fresh for longer.

The more fabric, the more protection 

The BR fly rugs are available with and without a neck or with a detachable neck (such as the Combo Rug). A neck part provides your horse with extra protection and if the neck is not needed yet, you simply remove the neck again. The extra-long tail flap also ensures that your horse is even more protected. 

Complete your horse's summer outfit with matching fly masks from the collection with the same fantastic features. For your own riding equipment, the collection contains beautiful, matching bags for your boots, helmet and grooming supplies. 

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