We Love Sets!

Who doesn’t love them?  Beautiful, complete sets in the nicest colours to shine in together with your beloved four-legged friend. That way you look even more like a team! In this blog we tell you everything you didn't know about our popular Event collection. 

Saddle pads with a bonus 

The renewed saddle pad is lined with Cooldry material, making it extremely quick-drying, breathable and moisture-regulating. Ideal if your horse has a slightly too thick winter coat that makes him sweat a lot after intensive training. This saddle pad is of course just as essential in summer. 

Furthermore, the Event saddle pads are finished with a contrast binding. This binding is also present on the ear bonnets: a perfect match. 

Endless choice of colours

Did you know that the Event set is available in more than 30 different colours? So you could use a set in a different colour every day of the month, how nice is that!

BR is also constantly expanding its range of colours. For example, we are launching warm, wintry shades around the autumn and fresh, summery shades towards the spring! In this way you can continue to expand your Event collection. 

It is important that you choose a colour that you feel comfortable with so that you can enjoy training moments with your horse even more. 

Matching from head to toe

In addition to saddle pads and ear bonnets, the Event collection has a lot more to offer. Matching leg protection can't be missing of course. Do you prefer bandages or tendon boots with fetlock boots? This way you create a complete set in your favourite colour.

But that's not all! We also have longsleeve shirts, rugs, halters and ropes in different colours. So you can combine endlessly. 

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