Taking care of your horse during the cold winter months

Meanwhile, we have already reached the cold winter months. What can you do for your buddy to keep him warm again this year? We give you a few tips!

1. Make sure your horse has enough water. If the water trough is frozen, your horse can't drink and you don't want that to happen! One way to prevent this is to keep the water moving by placing a rubber ball on the water surface. You will see that the floating ball moves with the wind or your horse keeps the ball moving.

2. Keep your horse warm and dry with a comfortable, waterproof turnout rug. Could your horse use a rug in the stable as well? Then take a look at this stable rug!

3. Enough exercise and fresh air is not only healthy for you, but also for your horse. A great excuse to spend as much time together as possible. 

4. Good hoof care is also important now. Mud and snow can damage the hooves and even cause thrush. Is your horse going for a walk in the snow? Make sure that no snow will accumulate between the hooves, in that case your horse can slip. Does your horse still suffer from thrush or cracks? Then a hoof spray comes in handy.

5. Give your horse a good warm-up before you getting started. In cold weather it takes a little longer to warm up his muscles. Is your horse shaved? Use an exercise rug so that he doesn't get too chilly while warming-up. After riding you don’t have to throw on a rug immediately, your horse will be warm longer than you and if you immediately put a rug on your horse, he can’t lose his heat.

6. The short days are typical of the winter. Therefore, make sure that you and your horse are visible while riding as well when it starts to get dark. The BR Gloves Reflecting Pro are not only nice and warm, but are also reflective. 

7. Take good care of yourself as well; with the Siberia winter boots you won’t get cold feet and you can also ride your horse with them!

Do you have any good tips yourself? Feel free to share them with us!

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