Maintenance of leather boots: 5 tips

A decent pair of boots is not a thing you buy every week. Sadly, they almost immediately are confronted with all kinds of dirt to be found at the stable. How do you maintain that new-look? 

1. Pay a little attention every day

Not every one likes to clean, but it is really best to clean your boots with a brush and damp cloth or sponge every time you remove your boots. A leather cleaner specifically intended for boots works even better because it removes the sweat of your horse from the boots. Sweat contains salt which could dry out the leather.

2. Keep them well maintained

Since leather is a natural product, it needs certain greases which will disappear by daily use of the boots. 

Use your maintenance product on a regularly base and give your boots the treatment they deserve. A leather cream or gel feeds the leather with the greases it needs. The leather will stay flexible and more resilient to external influences. Clean your boots before using a care product and make sure they aren’t wet anymore. Only use care products when your boots are clean and dry.

Note: Are your boots made of patent leather or do they contain patent leather details? Make sure you only use a damp cloth to clean them or use care products specifically for patent leather.

3. Clean the side of the sole as well

In addition to cleaning the sole with a brush, it is recommendable to clean the sides of the sole with a leather cream. 

4. Don’t forget the zippers

To keep the zipper flexible, it’s recommended to use a zipper spray. It will keep the zipper flexible and clean.

5. Shine bright like a...

Will you join a competition or do you just love to be in the spotlight? In that case treat your boots with a shoe polish and spread the polish with tights or a special nylon sponge. Your boots will have a brand new look. BR has a special Grooming Glove to clean your boots. 

Extra tips:

Don’t expose them to excessive heat sources

Wet boots? Do not let them dry near to excessive heat sources like the sun and your dearly beloved  stove. Letting them dry to room temperature will prevent your leather boots from drying out.

Buy a maintenance product of good quality…

Try to find a product that is specifically suitable for the type of leather of your boots. These BR outdoor boots for example are made of nubuck leather and need a special treatment. 

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