A bit of taste – Get to know the bits from BR

Tastes differ and that also applies to your beloved horse. Because every horse is unique and reacts differently to different materials and shapes, BR has four different lines of bits in addition to the many standard stainless-steel bits of their range. These bits are aimed at stimulating the chewing process and saliva formation of your horse, which can lead to a relaxed and gentle connection between horse and rider. Are you looking for a bit that is as pleasant as possible for your horse and that he accepts well? Get to know our bit lines! 

Soft Contact 

  • Sweet smell and taste thanks to the oxidation process 
  • Temperature of the copper adapts quickly to the horse's mouth 
  • Anatomically shaped 

Apple Mouth 

  • The smell and taste of apple is permanent and recognizable 
  • Made of non-toxic plastic with a metal core  
  • Stimulates an easy acceptance of the bit 

Sweet Iron 

  • Mild steel mouthpiece contains a blue sweet iron coating 
  • Sweet smell and taste thanks to the oxidation process
  • The blue colour disappears, but the taste remains 

Combo Comfort 

  • Neutral in taste 
  • Mouthpiece is made of a metal core and flexible, non-toxic plastic  
  • Stable, yet very soft and friendly 

Hopefully you have got a clear overview of the differences between the BR bit lines. Which bit do you think will suit your horse best? View the entire bit range with accessories here. 

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