Chaps and gaiters

If you don't want to ride in riding boots, you can also opt for jodhpurs with half chaps or gaiters. This gives you a little more freedom of movement around the ankles because you have two separate parts instead of a whole boot. You can easily put on half chaps around your lower leg. They close with a zipper at the back and stay in place because of the loop that goes under your foot at the bottom. If the half chaps or gaiters match nicely with the jodhpurs, you will not see that you are not wearing a riding boot. You can also ride in competitions with jodhpurs and leather chaps in the same colour.

The luxurious BR half chaps and gaiters are made of supple leather and feature beautiful details such as a croco print or patent leather bow. The chaps and gaiters are available in different length and calf sizes and the models fit even more nicely thanks to the elastic insert at the zipper. Gaiters look more like a riding boot and are therefore more often used in competitions than half chaps.

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