Riding helmets

Safety always comes first. This also applies to horse riding! It is therefore extremely important to always ride with a cap. Your head is protected when your horse falls, but the helmet also protects you against low-hanging branches during an outdoor ride, for example.
BR has many styles of riding helmets in its collection.
From classic and cool models to caps with glitter and imitation diamonds.

In addition to appearance, wearing comfort is of course important. The helmets are made of lightweight material and usually have a quick-drying, removable lining that you can also wash to keep the helmet nice and fresh. In addition, most models are equipped with ventilation openings that ensure optimal air circulation so that your head stays cool.  The adjustable head band with dial system of some helmets is very useful, so you can make the riding helmet fit perfectly for your head. Also ideal for children who are still growing.

All BR helmets meet the safety standard. You can see this by the CE label on the inside of the cap. Check your helmet regularly for damage and especially after a fall, it is advisable to have your helmet checked by an expert to see if the helmet has not been damaged too much.

If you want more information about the maintenance of riding helmets, take a look at the blog: Long live the cap!

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