Sweet itch rugs

If your horse has summer eczema, it is advisable to put on a sweet itch rug. Summer eczema is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva released by a culicoid bite (biting midge). The bite causes extreme itching, causing your horse to get scuff marks and bald areas. With a sweet itch rug you prevent this irritation. The rug completely covers your horse so that mosquitoes and other insects cannot reach the skin. In addition, the meshes are so fine that they cannot bite through. A sweet itch rug must be worn 24 hours a day, except while riding. In addition, you have to start using the rug early in the season to prevent problems. Such a sweet itch rug must therefore be comfortable if your horse wears it 24/7. The BR sweet itch rugs are therefore provided with elastic inserts that give your horse complete freedom of movement and they have a perfect fit. In addition, the material is sun-resistant, breathable and antibacterial so that skin irritation is prevented.

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