Fly fringes and masks

To protect your horse's head and eyes against mosquitoes, flies and other insects, you can use a fly mask on your horse. BR has different masks in its range, some models cover the entire head from the tip of the ears to the nose, but there are also masks that only provide protection around the eyes. If your horse only suffers from insects around the nose, you can also only attach a nose net to the halter or bridle.

If your horse is bothered by insects buzzing around its eyes and ears while riding, you can use a fly net. This will prevent your horse from shaking its head to get rid of the insects and lose his focus.

The fly net, or ear bonnet, also has other functions. An ear bonnet muffles the ambient noise so that your horse will be less distracted when you are riding. It is also a nice fashion item. The BR Event collection has a matching ear net for all colours of saddle pads so that you can make beautiful sets. You can even choose from more than 40 colours!

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