Tendon boots

Tendon boots are especially suitable for the front legs of your horse. They protect the front legs against the hind legs that might  catch and strike the front legs. The tendon boots therefore consist of a hard shell on the outside and an open front. The lining should be soft and as breathable as possible so that the legs don't get too hot. BR has various tendon boots in its range that are extra breathable to prevent injuries due to overheating.

When purchasing a pair of tendon boots, it is especially important that you take the right size for a perfect fit. Your horse must be able to move well with the tendon boots and there should be no rubbing and/or pressure sores. In addition, you must make sure that you do not fasten the tendon boots too tightly, because then there will be too much pressure on the tendon.
Do you also need fetlock boots or hind boots? Then you can mix and match a set with BR tendon boots or you can opt for a complete set.

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