Weymouth curb bits

If you want to make the switch to a Weymouth bridle, it is important that you and your horse are both ready for this. Because a Weymouth works more sharply, an independent seat and quiet hands are very important. Your horse must respond perfectly to all your aids in all gaits and exercises. Are you and your horse all set? Then you can start refining. By riding with a Weymouth bridle, the smallest aids are passed on to the mouth of your horse.

You use a Weymouth curb bit in combination with a Weymouth bradoon. Because your horse has limited space in its mouth, you have to take into account the thickness of the curb bit and the bradoon. Usually the choice is made for the same material for both bits.

The height of the tongue port and the length of the cheeks determine the sharpness of the effect of the bit and are therefore decisive for you when purchasing it. It is important to look for the Weymouth curb bit that comforts your horse the most.

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