Pelham bits

A Pelham bit has long or short shanks. A Pelham with short shanks is also called baby Pelham. The longer the shanks are, the sharper the impact of the bit. The bit also has a curb chain that should not be too loose, but certainly not too tight. If the curb chain is too tight, it will act too sharply.

The bit can be used with Pelham straps and single reins as well as with double reins.  The Pelham strap doses the effect of the bit. The leverage of the Pelham bit makes it easier for the horse to be set deep. The bit is suitable for strong and eager horses and is therefore popular in show jumping.

There are various variants available in different materials. It is important that the version and material of the Pelham bit suit your horse. All Pelham bits have an extensive description that helps you choose the right bit for your horse.

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