Eggbutt snaffles

An eggbutt snaffle provides fixed rings. Thanks to the fixed rings, an eggbut is located still and stable in the horse's mouth, so that the rider's aids act more directly than with a loose ring snaffle. An eggbutt is often also a good choice for a young or sensitive horse that needs stability to gain confidence in the bit.

If you have made the choice for an eggbutt snaffle, you can still choose from different versions. In addition to the mullen mouth, single and double jointed eggbutt snaffles, BR also has various hanging cheek snaffles in its range. You can also choose from different materials of which the bits are made. For example, the BR Apple Mouth bits have an apple flavour that stimulates chewing on the bit, which has a relaxing effect on the horse. All eggbutt snaffles have an extensive description that helps you choose the right bit for your horse.

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