Loose ring snaffles

A loose ring snaffle is a bit with loose bit rings that are able to rotate. This type of bit is generally well accepted because the mouthpiece is movable in the horse's mouth.  This gives the rider a light, relaxed connection with the horse.

If you want a loose ring snaffle for your horse, you have an extensive choice of different designs and materials at BR. For example, a mullen mouth snaffle has a sharper effect than a single or double jointed snaffle. The BR Soft Contact bits have an anatomical design that follows the shape of the horse's mouth, creating a soft and even pressure distribution.

A Waterford bit has a flexible mouthpiece. These flexible links make it more difficult for the horse to chomp at the bit and lean on the bit. The material of the bit also plays a major role in your choice. The BR Sweet Iron bits are known for the sweet taste of the mouthpiece, which stimulates the production of saliva and helps your horse to accept the bit. All loose ring snaffles have an extensive description that helps you choose the right bit for your horse.

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