If you want to give your bridle a different look or if your noseband needs to be replaced, you can buy a separate noseband at BR. The effect of the noseband determines your choice; our range includes anatomical nosebands, flash nosebands, drop nosebands or even a double noseband.

First, you should consider which model is suitable for you and your horse. If you made a choice, you can see which one you like and suits your needs; with or without lacquer, wide or narrow, completely black or with white underlay. You will find it all at BR! You can also order a separate flash strap here, in case yours is lost.

BR has an extensive range of separate bridle parts with which you can mix and match a bridle yourself, completely to your taste. After you have chosen the base of your bridle, the headpiece, you can choose a noseband. 

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