Competition jackets

In the competition ring you are obliged to wear a riding jacket, so-called suit-jacket. In order to perform well, it is important that the riding jacket is comfortable and offers a lot of freedom of movement while riding. Most BR riding jackets are made of soft shell, which is water-repellent, stretchy, moisture-regulating and lightweight. These riding jackets are pleasant to wear thanks to its flexibility and great fit. BR also has an extensive range of children's riding jackets.

When you ride on a competition, you are free to choose the colour of your riding jacket. Nevertheless many riders opt for the chic colours black and blue. If you would like to vary with different colours, than you should choose one of the BR competition jackets Florence, Monaco or Madrid. These elegant riding jackets give you a unique look thanks to the interchangeable collar and flap pockets. You can easily replace the standard blue or black collar and flap pockets with another set. BR has the collar and flap pockets in nice colours in satin or suedine, with sequins, imitation diamonds or other beautiful details. This way you can create a new look time after time.

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