Sweat/show rugs

A sweat rug is used to prevent your horse from cooling down too quickly after riding. The sweat is absorbed by the material of the rug and is discharged to the outside air. Especially when it is colder, muscles cool down quickly when your horse is very sweaty. Your horse can develop stiff muscles if they are not kept warm. Because your horse's neck is usually the most sweaty, it is useful to use a neck rug. BR also has loose neck covers that can be put on a sweat rug.

You can already put the sweat rug on your horse as soon as he goes outside. It is advisable to use a sweat rug without surcingles or with detachable surcingles, because it can be dangerous if they hang loose while riding. If you use the sweat rug in the stable or for transport, the cross surcingles ensure that the rug stays in place.

Most sweat rugs are made of fleece or soft shell, but BR also has a luxurious thermo cooler with an insulating layer in the BR Classic collection.

The BR sweat rugs are available in different, beautiful colours and are often provided with a nice decorative cord on the fillet string. They are also very suitable for embroidery with the name of your horse, your stable name or sponsor. This way you get a very personal show rug.

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