Turnout rugs

Are you looking for a comfortable water and windproof winter rug for your horse? Then choose a BR outdoor rug. What should you pay attention to when you buy a winter rug?  Actually it is very simple, the properties of the rug must match the needs of your horse and the weather conditions. This concerns the properties such as waterproofness, breathability, windproofness, heat capacity and strength of the rug.

One rug is more resistant to the rain than the other. The higher the number that indicates the waterproofness of the fabric, the longer your horse will stay dry under that rug. It is important that the seams of the rug are taped so that no rain can penetrate there. This also applies to the breathability, the higher the number, the more comfortable the rug is for your horse.

With the outdoor rugs you can choose from different thicknesses and fillings. The heat capacity your outdoor rug needs depends on the outside temperature and whether your horse has been shaved. The BR thermo rugs vary from 50 g to 340 g. With a 340 g filling you really have a nice warm rug for your horse.  If it is really cold or if you have shaved your horse, a neck cover is also comfortable for your horse. In addition to the combo rugs and neck rugs, BR also has separate neck covers that can be attached to different rugs.
Outside there is often a strong wind that should not get through the rug because in that case your horse will still be cold. So we recommend to always buy a windproof rug.
In addition, it is important that you buy a strong rug that can resist a lot. A 1200 Denier rug can take more than a 600 Denier rug. Most BR outdoor rugs have a fabric of 1200D, so these rugs can take a beating.

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