Stable rugs

Your horse may also need extra warmth in the stable. Especially if your horse is shaved, he has more trouble keeping himself warm. It is best to use a stable rug for this. The BR stable rugs have an anatomical fit so they stay in place perfectly and they are breathable. Stable rugs are usually not waterproof and therefore only suitable for taking your horse outside in dry weather. 
If you want to prevent your horse from getting a winter coat, it is advisable to apply a stable rug in time. The thickness of the filling of the rug determines the heat capacity. The higher the weight, the warmer the rug. Make sure your horse is not too hot when wearing a stable rug, because in that case your horse might sweat.
The stable rug must also be resistant to knocks. Preferably, you buy a rug with a high Denier so that the rug is strong and does not tear as quickly if your horse gets caught on something or bites the rug.

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