Rain rugs

A rain rug is indispensable if your horse is outside in wet weather conditions. To protect your horse, it is important that the rain rug is waterproof, windproof and breathable.
One rug is more resistant to the rain than the other. Pay attention to this when purchasing a rug. The higher the number that indicates the waterproofness of the fabric, the longer your horse will stay dry under that rug. It is important that the seams of the rug are taped to avoid that rain can penetrate there.  This also applies to the breathability, the higher the number, the more comfortable the rug is for your horse.
In addition, it is important that you buy a strong rug that can resist a lot. A 1200 Denier rug can take more than a 600 Denier rug.
If it is a bit colder in the spring and autumn, you can opt for a rain rug with a light fleece lining.  In winter you usually opt for a thicker waterproof rug that also keeps your horse at the right temperature. Take a look at the BR outdoor rugs for this.

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