Travel and stable boots

Travel boots are used to protect the horse's legs during transport and during loading and unloading. Your horse can quickly injure itself if he falls or slips in and around the trailer or becomes unbalanced during the ride and hits the trailer wall. BR has high travel boots that protect the leg all the way from the knee to over the hoof and at the hind leg from the heel to over the hoof. The low protectors only protect the lower leg and do not cover the hoof and heel. Thanks to the anatomical design and the Velcro closures, your horse can move well with the travel boots.

The stable boots are suited for the stable, but you can also use them for transport. The horse's legs are sensitive and vulnerable, which can quickly lead to injuries or lesion. In the stable you can protect them and support the circulation with a pair of stable boots. Make sure that the legs do not get too hot, which can lead to tendon injuries. Similar to the travel boots, there are different models of stable boots for the front and hind legs. Because the protectors can get quite dirty in the stable, the BR stable boots have a removable lining that you can wash out.

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