Horse boots

Horse boots fit all the way around the leg, offer protection against external trauma and provide support for the tendons and fetlocks. The protectors are often used during training or outdoor rides. The material of the horse boots is flexible so that the protectors bend well with the movements of your horse. It is very important that the boots provide good ventilation to prevent overheating.

BR has an extensive range of horse boots including the BR Majestic. These leg protectors are made of supple, synthetic leather and have a soft, synthetic sheepskin lining. This lining is breathable and ensures optimal pressure distribution. In addition, the impact zone of this protector is provided with a layer of shock-absorbing neoprene, which provides extra protection. The BR Majestic is available in various designs, prints and colours.
You can use horse boots for both the front and hind legs. The BR range has sizes from size S, with 2 Velcro closures up to XL, with 3 Velcro closures. For the hind legs you usually take 1 size larger than for the front legs of your horse

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