Boots maintenance

If you have bought beautiful new leather riding boots or jodhpurs, you of course want to enjoy them for a long time. So you have to maintain them well so that they look like new for a long time and the natural properties of the leather are preserved. Every time you have worn the boots or jodhpurs, you should remove manure, dirt and mud so that the leather and stitching cannot be affected. You can easily do this with a (damp) cloth or a soft brush. In addition, you must regularly maintain leather foot wear with a maintenance product to keep the leather supple and water-repellent. For example, use the BR leather gel with lanolin which also makes the leather shine beautifully. With the BR cleaning glove made of medicinal sheepskin you can polish your riding boots even more before a competition.

Of course you should not forget the zippers on the boots and jodhpurs, with the BR Zipper Spray you keep them smooth and clean.

If you want more information about the maintenance of riding boots, take a look at the blog: Maintenance of boots: 5 tips.

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